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At the Mass Meeting in Kukes City, Albania

Comrade Hoxha Makes Important Speech On Domestic and International Situation

Source: Peking Review, No.23, June 5, 1970
Transcribed by www.WENGEWANG.ORG

    A MASS meeting was held in Kukes City on May 28 to welcome the visit of Comrade Enver Hoxha, First Secretary of the Central Committee of the Albanian Party of Labour, to this region, according to A.T.A. In a speech made at the meeting, Comrade Enver Hoxha said: I am very happy that I have come here in your midst to become acquainted with your life and successes, to talk and exchange opinions with you, in order to take further measures so that your life in the future will become still more beautiful and better through your fruitful and tireless work.
     Comrade Hoxha said: I have visited Kukes at other times and I keep the best memories of you, for you are a patriotic, industrious and progressive people and fighters for the new, faithful to the Party, builders and defenders of socialism. This time 1 feel another joy which is added to my meeting with you. for I see that a few kilometres away the new Kukes is going up which has been decided by the Party. The day will come when the old Kukes where we are now talking together will disappear. This is a law, the old town will disappear, but in its stead a more beautiful new city of socialism is going up.
     After having spoken of the glorious past and the struggle of the Kukes patriots against foreign enemies, of the difficult life of the Kukes highlanders under the anti-popular regimes and of their participation in the national-liberation struggle, he said: The glorious history of our country and its people has great value. We are making efforts to draw immortal lessons from it and we are bound like Nesh to bone to this land whose face we are set to change radically, to make it a blooming garden, not only in words, but. as our Party teaches us. also in deeds.
     Comrade Enver Hoxha also spoke of the great changes that have taken place in this district during the years of the people's power. The industrial product ion achieved in your district last year, he said, is equal to the industrial production of whole Albania in 1938. Today Kukes alone produces over three times more blister copper than the whole country did in 1960.
     Comrade Hoxha said: While working and building, we should never forget for a single moment also to be vigilant. There are in the world enemies of the peoples and of socialism who are hatching plots against the freedom and independence of the peoples and waging wars against them. These enemies are the capitalists, the imperialists and their reactionary servants, the revisionists and other traitors of every hue. At the forefront of all these enemies are the U.S. imperialists and the Soviet revisionists. What are they seeking to do? They are seeking to dominate the world and to keep the peoples under their yoke. More exactly this means that, should they have the possibility, they would bring lo power in Albania the beys, agas, Shylocks and all the other garbage who were mercilessly smashed by our people's revolution. But they are not powerful and they can never achieve this purpose; on the contrary, they are very weak. And it is precisely their weakness that makes the imperialists and revisionists more brutal against the peoples, communism and socialism. They see death for themselves, but their desire is to live, to prolong a little more their life-span. Therefore they are trying by sword and fire to subjugate the peoples and suppress their revolutions. The peoples, however, are stronger than they and the greatest example confirming this has been provided by the Albanian people, a small people who continually fought for centuries against numerous and big enemies. But they were neither defeated nor did they disappear. On the contrary, during their national-liberation struggle the Albanian people defeated the invaders, whether they were the Italian fascists or the German nazis and their collaborators. It is easy, therefore, to draw such a comparison with the liberation struggle which is being waged today by the peoples against the imperialist wild beasts.
     U.S. imperialism started many years ago its aggression in Viet Nam, but the heroic people of that country have nailed down in some holes, which are called camps, this “great imperialist power," inflicting tremendous damage on it. It could not win and it knows that it will not be able to win in Viet Nam. Thus, faced with the defeat inflicted on it by the Vietnamese people.

U.S. imperialism recently attacked another people, the Cambodian people. It was compelled to do this, thinking that it would escape defeat, but it will not escape for the reason that not only all the peoples of the world have risen and arc condemning with great indignation this savage international gendarme, but actually U.S. imperialism is now being faced with three peoples — the Vietnamese, the Laotian and the Cambodian peoples — who, united to a man on the Indo-China Peninsula, will very soon bury it. The statement made by Chairman Mao Tsetung a few days ago in support of the struggle of the peoples against imperialism, especially his words that by "strengthening their unity, supporting each other and persevering in a protracted people's war, the three Indo-Chinese peoples will certainly overcome all difficulties and win complete victory" is a great inspiration to the Vietnamese, Cambodian and Laotian peoples in their liberation struggle.
     The aims of U.S. imperialism arc to prepare for a war against the People's Republic of China and to subjugate the other peoples of Asia, in order to use them as cannon-fodder in this war which they are preparing, that is, to have Asians tight Asians. But U.S. imperialism will never be able to attain this barbarous aim, because of the tremendous force of the great and glorious China of Mao Tsetung, and because of the fact that its allies are very much shaken from within, from the opposition of their own peoples, as well as from outside, from all the other peoples of the world.
     Precisely in situations where there is a general weakness of the enemies of the freedom of the peoples and of socialism, the Soviet revisionists, these traitors to Marxism-Leninism, who have transformed the Soviet Union into a capitalist country, have entered into an alliance with U.S. imperialism to suppress revolutions everywhere in the world and to prepare for a war against China. This alliance, of course, has been built on sand because it is directed against the peoples and because it is the alliance of a handful of capitalists with aims of exploiting the peoples and enslaving them. Therefore, inside the Soviet Union and with its allies, the other revisionists, there exist not only great contradictions but also movements of opposition to this imperialist road to the enslavement of the peoples, which the Kremlin traitors are seeking to camouflage with Lenin's name as they did with Czechoslovakia and as they would like to do with their preparations for aggression against Rumania, Yugoslavia and Albania, in order to prepare for a war against the People's Republic of China.
     The treachery of the revisionists in the Soviet Union and in all the other countries where these traitors rule has brought about a great economic decline and an unprecedented political and moral degeneration. The capitalist order is being established there with all its evils, including savage fascist and militarist dictatorship. This dictatorship oppresses the people at home and prepares for aggression against the other peoples. Between the imperialists and revisionists there exist a number of plots and a number of intrigues, overt and covert agreements, all of them camouflaged, allegedly in the name of the defence of peace, European security and the well-being of the peoples. But all this going and coming, all these contacts and talks, all these collusions cannot conceal the aggravation of the situation within the fold of the imperialists and modern revisionists, the great contradictions among them, the disputes which keep growing, their failures in every field, the exposure of their real aims and the upsurge of revolution.
     The imperialists and revisionists are in a deep crisis, in a political crisis, in an economic crisis and in a military crisis. In all the places where they rule, the workers, students and peasants have thrown themselves into strikes, demonstrations and bloody clashes. On the other hand, we see that in the great 700-millinn strong China of Mao Tsetung and in the Peoples Republic of Albania, socialism is being successfully constructed and our two peoples have thrown themselves completely into the struggle for the building of a happy and prosperous life. The whole world knows today of the great successes of the People's Republic of China, successes in economy, politics, and in the military field as well as in science and technology.
     You heard of the successful launching of the man-made earth satellite by the People's Republic of China last month. This was a great success for China herself and for all of us, for all the progressive peoples of the world, because this event once more showed that China is invincible, because her economic forces are tremendous, because the results and progress in her science and technology are likewise great and, above all, because Mao Tsetung’

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