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 Election Year

Election Year

Source: PEKING REVIEW Vol.1 No.4, March 25, 1958
Transcribed for www.wengewang.org

This is election year in China. Elections of deputies to the people's congresses of various levels have begun in different parts of the country. In the coming months deputies to the National People's Congress, to the provincial people's congresses and to the people's congresses at the county level and below will be elected.
Election dates vary. Elections in the Kwangsi Chuang Autonomous Region have already been completed. Hopei and Kiangsi Provinces and the cities of Wuhan and Shenyang arc in the midst of their campaigns to elect deputies at the primary levels—district and township.
The term of office for the people's congress in the national level and people's congresses at the provincial level is four years, while the term of office for the people's congresses at the county level and below is two years.

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