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 A Miracle

A Miracle

Source: Peking Review, No. 34, August 20, 1976
Transcribed by www.wengewang.org

INSPIRING reports have kept pouring in from the Tangshan Prefecture: More than 10,000 miners of the Kailan Coal Mine working in the pits were out of danger and successfully returned to the ground; the No. 3 pit of the Machiakou mine has resumed production and begun producing coal; the Peking-Shanhaikuan Railway damaged by the earthquake has been repaired quickly and reopened to traffic triumphantly; and the Tangshan Labour Daily has resumed publication. All this constitutes a major victory in the anti-quake struggle. It is a tremendous encouragement and a powerful impetus to the people in the afflicted area as well as to the people in other parts of China whose hearts beat as one with those of their class brothers in the afflicted area.
   It is a miracle. After the strong earthquake hit the Tangshan-Fengnan area, some foreigners alleged that Kailan was finished, the miners in the pits were finished and no coal could be produced. The heroic Kailan coal miners, railway workers and staff and commanders and fighters of the People's Liberation Army have proved with living facts that such allegations are entirely groundless. After so strong an earthquake, the overwhelming majority of the miners working underground were out of danger and safe and sound, and within the short space of ten days coal was extracted again and the railway reopened to traffic quickly. This is something inconceivable in old China or under the capitalist system, and is rarely seen in the history of man's struggle against earthquake.
   Our great leader Chairman Mao has pointed out: "Of all things in the world, people arc the most precious. Under the leadership of the Communist Party, as long as there are people, every kind of miracle can be performed." (The Bankruptcy of the Idealist Conception of History.) The earthquake can crumple houses, damage equipment or rip rails, but it can never shake the revolutionary spirit and indomitable morale of the working class. Led by Chairman Mao and the Party Central Committee and guided by Chairman Mao's proletarian revolutionary line, our working class, our people and our People's Liberation Army are able to bring their tremendous enthusiasm for socialism into play, overcome any difficulties and dangers and perform one miracle after another. They are worthy to be called a heroic working class, a heroic people and a heroic People's Liberation Army.
   The Kailan coal miners and the railway workers, like other industrial workers, belong to the industrial army of particularly good fighters praised by Chairman Mao. Led by the Party, they are today making outstanding contributions by taking class struggle as the key link, deepening the criticism of Teng Hsiao-ping, displaying the spirit of self-reliance, grasping revolution 5and promoting production. By their heroic exploits, they have set a brilliant example in fighting the earthquake and carrying out relief work. Comrades on all fronts in the country should learn from this spirit and carry it forward; they should aid their class brothers in the earthquake-stricken area and do a good job of socialist revolution and construction by winning, still more splendid successes in grasping revolution and promoting production. Tempered in the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution and the movement to criticize Lin Piao and Confucius and advancing victoriously in the struggle to criticize Teng Hsiao-ping and repulse the Right deviationist attempt at reversing correct verdicts, the Chinese people have the high aspirations, the confidence and the ability to triumph over the aftereffects of the earthquake and paint a new and more beautiful picture with their own hands.

("Renmin Ribao" commentary, August 9)


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