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 Train a Contingent of Theoretical Workers in Struggle

Train a Contingent of Theoretical Workers in Struggle

Source: Peking Review, No. 26, June 28. 1974
Transcribed by www.wengewang.org

    IN the movement to criticize Lin Piao and Confucius, China's theoretical front presents a scene of revolutionary vigour.
  Using Marxism as their sharp weapon, a number of worker-peasant-soldier activists have criticized Confucian books, studied writings of the Legalist school and forcefully exposed the reactionary ideological foundation of Lin Piao's counter-revolutionary revisionist line.
  Some professional theoretical Workers have kept to the principle that theoretical work should serve proletarian politics and made new contributions in revolutionary mass criticism.
  There Is growing enthusiasm In applying Marxism to the earnest study of the present situation and history, as Chairman Mao advocates.
  Liberate philosophy from the confines of the philosophers' lecture rooms and textbooks, and turn it into a sharp weapon in the hands of the masses — this call of Chairman Mao's is being further translated into action.
  These new changes on the theoretical front further prove that current class struggles and two-line struggles arc the best classrooms for studying Marxism and that a contingent of Marxist theoretical workers can be trained and brought up only in the course of such struggles.
  The development of the movement to criticize Lin Piao and Confucius now presents us with the following task: How to deepen this criticism, popularize it. and curry it on in a systematic way so as to promote struggle-criticism-transformation on all fronts and ensure the domination by Marxism of all spheres of the superstructure, including philosophy, history, education, literature, art and jurisprudence- This arduous political and ideological struggle requires a huge contingent of Marxist theoretical workers. Party committees at all levels should make conscientious efforts to strengthen the theoretical workers' ranks and regard this as an important measure for deepening the criticism of Lin Piao and Confucius and as a long-term task of fundamental importance for upholding Marxism and opposing revisionism.
  Chairman Mao has taught us: "The Marxist philosophy of dialectical materialism has two outstanding characteristics. Ono is its class nature: it openly avows that dialectical materialism is in the service of the proletariat. The other is its practicality: it emphasizes the dependence of theory on practice, emphasizes that theory is based on practice and in turn serves practice." These two outstanding characteristics of Marxism determine that a theoretical worker should be a fighter who dares to make frontal attacks in the struggle for the triumph of Marxism over revisionism and of the proletariat over the bourgeoisie, and not a bookworm who "pays no heed to what is happening in the world, but concentrates on studying classics by ancient sages." They also determine that the ranks of Marxist theoretical workers can grow in strength only in the great storms of mass struggle, and not within the confines of a study. There were some theoreticians in the past who were divorced from reality and the masses, paid no attention to remoulding their own world outlook and in the end sank into the quagmire of revisionism. We must attach importance to summing up the historical experience and draw lessons from it. We must be aware that there has always been a sharp struggle between the two classes and the two lines as to how to train a contingent of theoretical workers. The essence of the struggle is in which class' image theoretical workers should be trained and what road they should be guided to follow. This struggle will continue in the days to come. We must follow Chairman Mao's instruction that our chief method Is to learn warfare through warfare and, in the practical struggle to deepen the criticism of Lin Piao and Confucius, train a contingent of theoretical workers capable of carrying on the fight by applying the Marxist stand, viewpoint and method.
  Energetic efforts must be made to train a contingent of worker-peasant-soldier theoretical workers who are not divorced from production. This contingent is a new thing that has emerged in the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution and the movement to criticize Lin Piao and Confucius. Its emergence has forcefully shattered the bourgeois prejudice that "workmen cannot dabble in theory." We must make continuous efforts to strengthen the building of o large contingent of worker-peasant-soldier theoretical workers if we want to deepen the criticism of Lin Piao and Confucius and carry out the all-round dictatorship of the proletariat over the bourgeoisie in the superstructure, remould the old contingent of theoretical workers and replenish it with new blood, criticize in good time certain erroneous ideas in a mass movement that run counter to Marxism, promote the unity of the masses under the guidance of Chairman Mao's revolutionary line, and persevere in grasping revolution and promoting production and other work and preparedness against war-Some areas and units have accumulated good experience in this respect, which should be summed up and spread in good time.
  The professional theoretical workers, the backbone force in theoretical work, must be encouraged to integrate with the workers, peasants and soldiers. They should keep in close contact with the worker—peasant-soldier theoretical workers who are not divorced from production. On the one band, they should help and guide the latter, and on the other, they should learn from these comrades and. through them, draw nourishment from the masses to replenish and enrich themselves so that their specialities do not become "ivory towers," detached from the masses and from reality and devoid of content or life. Teachers and students of some Institutes of higher learning and personnel of academic and publishing departments have joined the workers, peasants and soldiers in criticizing Lin Piao and Confucius. They have given the workers, peasants and soldiers help on theoretical questions and have written a number of fairly good theoretical essays. This has also promoted the remoulding of their own world outlook. We should unite with all intellectuals who want to criticize Lin Piao and Confucius, and bring their initiative into play.
  In the course of struggle, it is necessary to read and study conscientiously. We need Marxism in our struggle. Comrades engaged in theoretical work need all the more to study works by Marx. Engels, Lenin and Stalin and by Chairman Mao diligently, and strive to use Marxism to correctly answer questions that arise in current struggles, so as to defeat revisionism, the bourgeoisie and the ideologies of all declining reactionary classes politically and ideologically. It is also necessary to study history, including some works by writers of the Legalist school, and apply the Marxist stand, viewpoint and method in doing so. Both Liu Shao-chi and Lin Piao were worshippers of the Confucian school and opponents of the Legalist school, and so are the Soviet revisionists. Facts in class struggle and the struggle between the two lines tell us that the struggle between the Confucian and Legalist schools over the last 2.000 years and more still has its Impact today and has in fact continued to this day. Its impact will be felt in the future too. We should sum up the historical experience of this struggle, keep advancing along the socialist road and oppose retrogression, carry on the socialist revolution perseveringly and oppose capitalist restoration. This is of great importance in consolidating the dictatorship of the proletariat.
  To strengthen the ranks of Marxist theoretical workers is an Issue of major importance for the whole Party. To regard theoretical work as something for the propaganda department alone and the training of theoretical workers the concern of institutes of higher learning only is a one-sided view. Party committees at all levels must put building up the ranks of theoretical workers on the agenda of major items. It is necessary to map out plans and adopt practical and effective measures to build up, step by step, the ranks of Marxist theoretical workers from the leading organs down to the grass-roots units- including factories, villages and army companies. It is necessary to strengthen the Ideological building of the ranks of theoretical workers and guide them to remould their subjective world while transforming the objective world, Even the worker-peasant-soldier theoretical workers must pay attention to remoulding themselves consciously in line with the proletarian world outlook, and resist Ideological corrosion by the bourgeoisie. All high- and middle-ranking cadres of the Party must take the lead in reading so as to have a better command of Marxism. This is of tremendous importance In mobilizing the masses of cadres and people to study theory and enabling the whole Party and army to be skilled in using both the pen and the rifle.
    When the ranks of Marxist theoretical workers grow in strength, our Party's fighting capacity will certainly be further strengthened and we are sure to win still greater victories in the struggle to criticize Lin Piao and Confucius!

("Renmin Ribao editorial, June 18)

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