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 Special Message of N.Sihanouk to the People's Forces and Royal Forces Of National Liberation

Special Message of Cambodian Head of State Samdech Norodom Sihanouk to the People's Forces and Royal Forces Of National Liberation

Source: Peking Review, No. 21, May 22, 1970
Transcribed by www.wengewang.org

*Extends warm greetings to the two contingents of patriotic forces for fighting courageously together and winning glorious victories during the past month and a half.
*Calls on all patriotic countrymen to unite and drive the U.S. imperialists and their south Vietnamese running dogs out of the country and overthrow the Lon Nol-Sirik Matak traitors’ clique.

Dear Compatriots,

   Allow me to address this Special Message to you in order to pay tribute, with my most profound gratitude, to the armed forces of our Khmer people and to the loyal and patriotic Khmer royal armed forces which have united with the former in the N.U.K.K.
   First of all, I most sincerely congratulate and thank the heroic members of the two patriotic armed forces which have in the past one and a half months made tremendous sacrifices and carried out admirable military actions shoulder to shoulder with each other, winning numerous glorious victories over the enemy — the armed forces of the U.S. imperialist neo-colonialists, those of their Saigon lackeys (Thieu-Ky) and those of their Phnom Penh lackeys (the Lon Nol and Sink Matak reactionaries).
   However, the enemy has enormous effectives at its disposal (more than 50,000 men of the Lon Nol army, more than 60,000 men of the army of Thieu-Ky, more than 10,000 men of the "Khmers Serei" and more than 10,000 men of Uncle Sam). We can thus see that to repress our people and to carry out aggression against, occupy, destroy and colonize our country, the enemy has employed more than 130,000 men. These troops have received from the Washington government ultramodern military equipment, arms and engines of war.
   In order to crush our people and destroy our country, they have dispatched vast ground, air and naval forces against them.
   Despite all this, our people's army, backed by the troops, provincial guards and police of the royal forces, which have gone to the jungles, has successfully inflicted daily defeats upon the enemy.

* * *

   Before the massive invasion of our national territory by the Americans, the armed forces of our N.U.F.K. had already won very brilliant victories over the wretched mercenaries of the traitors Lon Nol-Sirik Matak in Koh Thorn, Saang, Koki, Chipou, Prasaut. Krek, Memot, Snoul, Angtassom, Takeo, Kep, Kamchay Mea, Chhlong, etc. … and our people's administration had been established In many provinces and districts, particularly In Svay Rleng, Prey Veng, Kandal, Kom-pong Chhnang, Kompong Speu, Takeo, Kampot, Mon-dolkirl, Ratanakirl, Kratle and Stung Treng.
   Our people's army had already surrounded Phnom Penh and was on the point of taking the capital by assault.
   In view of this, U.S. President Nixon, in order to save "the skin" of the regime of his vile lackeys Lon Nol-Sirik Matak, formally ordered his supreme command to dispatch without delay the Yankee troops, the south Vietnamese mercenaries and the "Khmer Serei" mercenaries (so-called Free Khmers) against our people.
   At present, the Americans and their Saigon mercenaries are reducing to ashes our villages, districts and cities, particularly those in the provinces of Svay Rieng, Kompong Cham, Kratie. Prey Veng, Kandal, Ratana-kiri and Mondolkiri. There, they raze everything to the ground: houses, compartments, fields, markets, etc. . . . There, they rob (he inhabitants of their property. There, they mercilessly slaughter the common people, old people, women and children.
   The only "crime" committed by these poor victims was their loyalty to the nation, to the throne and to their "Samdech Papa," their love for national independence, democracy and neutrality, and their refusal to serve the interests of big capitalist reactionaries and the interests of the U.S. imperialists.
   The people of the world have expressed their reprobation and repulsion of these horrible acts of the American invaders and occupationists. Even the students of all the universities in the United States have vehemently protested against Nixon.
   Only the Lon Nol-Sirik Malak gang has the impudence to express its joy at and great admiration of its U.S. master and its evils and crimes.
   The Americans and their south Vietnamese mercenaries have come to our country to occupy our land, oppress our nation, reduce to ashes our cities, villages, districts and provinces, and establish their dictatorial rule in our country, turning Cambodia into their colony. This fact has been presented to the world by the traitors to the Khmer motherland as an American intervention to "save" Cambodia and "preserve" its independence, freedom, neutrality and territorial integrity (sic)!
   This is an abominable treason that our people and the history of our Kampuchea will never pardon.
   On May 5, an AFP dispatch by Bernard Ulimann told the world that "the Cambodian premier, General Lon Not today expressed gratitude to President Nixon for helping him defend Cambodia's neutrality."
   That's the limit! At a lime when many U.S. Congressmen do not hesitate publicly to hold Nixon responsible for destroying the Independence, neutrality and peace of Cambodia with the sole purpose of saving a handful of traitors from certain defeat in ihe face of the Khmer people's army, Lon Nol is unashamed to affirm that the intervention of its American masters is an act to "save" the neutrality of Cambodia!
   The subordinates of Lon Nol are fellows without dignity and without shame like him.
   According to an AP dispatch from Tokyo on May 7, "Cambodian premier Lon Nol's special envoy, Sim Var, said the Cambodian people support (sic) the U.S. intervention as a step to defend this country's neutrality (sic). Sim made the statement at a meeting with Japanese Foreign Minister Kiichi Aichi Wednesday evening. He asked for Japanese economic aid. . . ."

That is also the limit!
   According to a UPI dispatch of May 8, "Cambodian ambassador Khimtit has informed U.N. Secretariat. . the Cambodian government. . . referring to Nixon's April 30 message announcing the advance of U.S. forces. . . within Cambodia. . . notes with satisfaction that the President of the U.S.A. took into account in his decision the legitimate aspirations of the Cambodian people (sic). . . expressed its gratitude to President Nixon for this assistance in defending (sic) Cambodia's neutrality."
   This despicable message to the United Nations is also a "summit" of treason to and slander against the Cambodian people.
   American imperialism sends its troops to destroy independent and neutral Cambodia. The Lon Nol gang passes this "strangulation" of Khmer independence and neutrality off as an act "conforming to the legitimate aspirations of the Khmer people"!
   The local press in Lon Nol's pay has aroused, for its part, the aversion and scorn of the Khmer people and of world opinion by its dithyrambic articles lauding without rhyme or reason the (American) "great patron."
   According to an AFP dispatch by Bernard Ulimann on May 7, Le Courrier Phnompenhois showers fulsome flattery on its master Nixon in the following manner: "We are assured of the support of a big nation thanks to the clear-sightedness of its president . . this president's courageous decision will put him on an equal rank with other great presidents like George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, the paper added."
   Such base and incongruous flattery like this has aroused the repulsion of all Khmer patriots and of world opinion.
   World opinion scorns the Lon Nol gang all the more because Nixon is entirely contrary to what Washington and Lincoln had been.
   Nixon has never been a hero of the independence or emancipation of the peoples; on the contrary, he has to his credit the aggression against a number of countries and peoples and the suppression of their independence and democracy, for example: south Viet Nam, Laos and Cambodia which have lost everything, peace, freedom, independence, unity and territorial integrity.
   Therefore, today the gang of Lon Nol-Sirik Matak-Sim Var-Cheng Heng-Trinh Hoanh-Khimtit and company has completely unmasked itself before our Buddhist monk- and our people who have recognized their true nature as traitors of the most despicable kind and who have recognized that both their policy and deeds are the very opposite of their propaganda, just as black is the opposite of white.
   That is why today our citizens of both sexes and of all sections, especially our peasants, workers and other working people, those soldiers, provincial guards and policemen who are not traitors, our youth and intellectuals, our living forces are giving our people's National Liberation Army massive support
   Although the enemy possesses enormous military means, our Liberation Army has been winning victories, for example: the capture of the cities of Kratie, Sen Monorom, Stung Treng, Chhouk, etc. . . ; the encirclement and isolation of the cities of Prey Veng, Takeo, Kampot, etc. . .; the cutting off of the communication, telegraphic and telephone lines between more than 20 urban centres and Phnom Penh. Meanwhile in 13 provinces (including Batlambang) a large part of the population has been freed from the control of the Lon Nol administration.
   In view of these very important successes and victories, permit me, heroic fighters, to extend to you in my own name and on behalf of our N.U.F.K., the Royal Government of National Union headed by Samdech Penn Nouth, and the Khmer nation our heartfelt gratitude, our warmest congratulations and our deepest admiration.
   I extend in particular the same sentiments to my comrades Khieu Samphan, Minister of National Defence, Hou Yuen, Minister of Interior, and Hu Nim, Minister of Information, and their valiant assistants.
   At the same time I have the honour to convey to all our heroic fighters of the National Liberation Armed Forces the most heartfelt congratulations and admiration from their excellencies the ambassadors and charge d'affaires of the socialist, non-aligned, progressive and anti-imperialist countries.
   In conclusion, 1 most respectfully bow in sorrow in memory of our heroes fallen in battle against the enemies of our people, our nation and our Khmer country; I also respectfully bow in memory of our compatriots murdered by the Lon Nol gang, and of those who fell victim to the U.S. and mercenary forces or their savage air raids.
   I call upon the soldiers, provincial guards, policemen and functionaries who are still under the command of Lon Nol to follow the lofty patriotic example set by the great majority of our nation which has already risen like one man to fight unyieldingly and uncompromisingly against the most ferocious enemies of our motherland and our race — the American imperialist neo-colonialists and their flunkeys, these unpardonable renegades, Asians who betray Asia, Indo-Chinese who betray Indo-China, Khmers who betray Kampuchea.
   They should ponder over the facts which I revealed to them at the beginning of this message.
   In addition, they should know that the Lon Nol clique holds them in great contempt: in order to "save the skin" of its regime, this clique does not trust them at all; it prefers to turn to the "Khmer Serei" mercenaries of Son Ngoc Thanh, paid by the American C.I.A. and trained by the notorious "Green Berets." These mercenaries are now stationed around Phnom Penh.
   Lon Nol-Sirik Matak have openly begged the United States to dispatch "Free" Khmer troops from Saigon to Phnom Penh; "diplomatic" contacts are being made by these renegades with Bangkok, Saigon, Taipeh and Seoul whose "governments" are known to the world as recognized flunkeys of U.S. imperialism; diplomatic relations are or will soon be established with these flunkeys — all these facts are glaring proof that their coup d'etat of March 18 was essentially aimed at "throwing" Cambodia and the Khmer nation into an abyss of disastrous bellicosity and U.S. enslavement.
   They should see that clearly. All the people in the world have seen that clearly.
   Thus a great number of European, Asian, Arab, African and Latin American countries have decided to sever all relations with the present regime of Phnom Penh and to establish diplomatic relations with the new Royal Government of National Union Under the Leadership of the N.U.F.K. which they recognize officially and solemnly as the sole, only legal Government of Cambodia and its people.
   Anti-imperialist countries which had embassies in Phnom Penh have decided to close these embassies and have ordered their personnel as well as all their experts and technicians to leave the city where a despicable clique reigns, a clique which has allowed U.S. imperialism to colonize the Khmer motherland and put her to fire and sword, while congratulating and thanking U.S. imperialism for it.
   In the future only the countries subservient to or friendly with the United States will maintain or establish their embassies in Phnom Penh in an attempt to consolidate the shaky foundations of the traitorous Lon Nol-Sirik Matak regime.
   They (soldiers, guards, policemen and functionaries) should consequently cast away all illusions from their minds and act as good Khmers who are concerned with the supreme interests of the nation and their own dignity. To act as good Khmers means that they should completely quit the service of the traitors who have sold their own country to the Americans and allowed them to destroy it. If they have not enough courage to go and live in the jungles, they should turn over their arms to the National Liberation Army. After that, they can return to their native cities or villages to live as peaceable citizens.
   Many of our young peasants to whom the Lon Nol regime had issued rifles hurried off to the jungles with their rifles. Others who were unwilling to abandon their paddy fields and farmland showed their patriotism by turning over their rifles to the people's troops in the jungles.
   I got this stirring news from dispatches of the U.S. press itself.
   They (the soldiers, guards and policemen) should follow the lofty example of our peasants.

* * *

   If I ask all our compatriots of combat age to accept such sacrifices, it is not for the sake of the interests of Sihanouk, but for the sake of the supreme interests of the motherland which must be liberated at all costs, and also for the sake of people's own interests, for the sake of building for themselves and their children a new life conforming to the just and legitimate aspirations of the working people, of all our people.
   As far as I am concerned, if I am fighting by your side, that is simply because it is my duty as a Khmer citizen to do so and also because I have a debt to discharge, my gratitude to all those who have always affectionately trusted me.
   As to my future, I desire nothing other than the satisfaction of having my duty accomplished.
   With regard to the managing of the country (education of the people, organization and defence of national territory, administration of the liberated townships, districts, provinces and cities, etc. . .), I have entrusted it entirely to the patriotic persons who are now leading the national resistance in the country, particularly Comrades Khicu Samphan, Hou Yuon and HU Nim.
   Thus, all of you who participate in the struggle are righting for the motherland, for yourselves and for your families.
   I am convinced that with the protection and support of our Buddhist monks, all our compatriots who faithfully love the motherland and refuse to sell it out will rise and unite to fight and drive out of our beloved Kampuchea all the American arch criminal invaders and their no less criminal south Vietnamese lackeys, and to mercilessly overthrow the gang of traitors, sellers and destroyers of the country and the nation, a gang headed by Lon Nol and Sirik Matak. Let these hideous devils go to hell and never return to haunt our people and the motherland.
Long live the people's National Liberation Army!
   Long live the patriotic soldiers, provincial guards and policemen who are fighting shoulder to shoulder with the people's army against the enemies of the motherland!
   Down with U.S. imperialism and its Phnom Penh and Saigon lackeys!

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