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 Laotian Patriotic Armed Forces and People Win New Victories

Struggle Against U.S. Aggression and for National Salvation

Laotian Patriotic Armed Forces and People Win New Victories

Source: Peking Review, No. 2, January 10, 1969
Transcribed by www.wengewang.org

PERSEVERING in people's war and fighting courageously, the heroic Laotian patriotic armed forces and people scored new victories in 1968 in the struggle against U.S. aggression and for national salvation. They wiped out large numbers of effectives of the troops of U.S. imperialism and its lackeys and consolidated and expanded the liberated areas.
  It has been announced that in the seven months of the dry season (November 1967-May 1968) and the five months of the rainy season in 1968, the Laotian patriotic forces put out of action more than 20.000 enemy troops and shot down or destroyed on the ground some 150 enemy aircraft. In the dry season alone, the enemy suffered more than 16,000 casualties, that is, three times those of the previous dry season or more than his total losses in 1967.
  This brilliant victory of the Laotian patriotic armed forces and people fully reveals the unparalleled might of people's war. It has greatly heightened the militancy of the Laotian people and deflated the arrogance of the U.S. imperialists and their lackeys in Laos.

Strategic Points Captured

  In the course of the past year's arduous fighting, the Laotian patriotic armed forces have grown in strength rapidly. They have launched successive offensives in many localities and hit the enemy hard.
  At the very beginning of 1968, they firmly held the initiative on the battlefield. Using a superior force, they captured Nam Dac, a strategic point in Upper Laos, after 12 days of bitter fighting in January, wiping out nearly 3.000 enemy troops. This was their most splendid achievement since the Nam Tha victory of 1962.
  After the capture of Nam Bac, the patriotic forces recovered the important towns of Muong Ngam, Tha Thorn and Tha Vicng in Upper Laos and expanded and consolidated the liberated area on the Plain of Jars.
  At the same time, they launched a series of attacks on the enemy along Highway No. 9 and strategic Bolo-ven Plateau in Lower Laos. In one stroke they captured Huoi San, a strategic point near the frontier and took control of Highway No. 9. This was followed by the liberation of the vast area extending from Pha Ka Na to Ban Kang. In countering enemy "nibbling" operations, the patriotic forces won many new victories in the rainy season.
  Tempered in battle, the fighting technique of the patriotic armed forces and people has been improved remarkably. They have on many occasions wiped out whole battalions of enemy troops. They annihilated seven enemy battalions and badly mauled 32 others in the dry season alone. In the Nam Bac campaign, they wiped out two enemy mobile regiments and inflicted heavy casualties on several battalions.

Guerrilla Warfare Unfolded Vigorously

  Revolutionary war is a war of the masses. While attacking the enemy without let-up, the Laotian People's Liberation Army has extensively aroused and armed the masses to unfold guerrilla warfare energetically and strike heavily at the enemy in co-ordination with the fighting on various fronts. When the battle of Nam Bac was at its height in mid January, guerrilla units in Luang Prabang made a swift raid on an enemy airfield, destroying 14 enemy aircraft and wiping out more than 100 enemy troops on the spot. This was a powerful support to the Liberation Army in its assault on Nam Bac.
  Local guerrilla units in Lower Laos, acting in coordination with Liberation Army attacks on the Tha-khek area, raided enemy headquarters in Thakhek City on March 11. Thrown into confusion, enemy officers and officials crossed the Mekong River and fled to Thailand. As a result, the enemy troops at the outer perimeter of Thakhek lost contact with their headquarters and the Liberation Army captured 16 villages and towns with one blow. On July 25, a violent attack by the regional forces and guerrilla units in Phong Saly Province liberated the Nam Hang area, wiping out 109 enemy troops.
  Guerrilla units in different places inflicted heavy casualties on the enemy and created grave difficulties for it by laying mines, setting traps, destroying its water and land communication lines and employing flexible forms of fighting.
  It is particularly noteworthy that the guerrillas in various localities are scornful of the modem aircraft of U.S. imperialism and its lackeys; they use light arms to shoot at enemy planes and have achieved remarkable results. Regional forces and guerrillas in Sayabury Province shot down five enemy aircraft with light arms between May and July. On November 27, regional forces in Savannakhet Province brought down one U.S. plane with rifle fire, killing two pilots, including one American.

Building and Consolidating Liberated Areas

  The Laotian patriotic armed forces and people have attached much importance to consolidating and building up the liberated areas. Despite the ceaseless "nibbling" operations, harassment and sabotage in the past year by U.S. imperialism and its lackeys and their wanton day and night bombing, the liberated areas have not only stood firm but have expanded and become a strong base from which the patriotic army and people are fighting for all-round victory.
  To consolidate the liberated areas, the Laotian patriotic armed forces and people unleashed vigorous suppression campaigns against the bandits who had harassed the liberated areas or entrenched themselves there. In the dry season alone, they wiped out more than 2,000 bandits, destroyed over 250 bandit strongholds in Pa Thi, U Tay, U Neua and other places, and forced large numbers of bandits to surrender to the people's side.
  Meanwhile, the people in the liberated areas started an enthusiastic movement to support the front. Many young people of various nationalities joined the army to fight the enemy. In Xieng Khoang Province, the number who joined up in the first quarter of 1968 alone was three times that of the whole of 1967. The peasants in the liberated areas actively unfolded emulation drives to increase production, and enthusiastically delivered public grain to the people's government to support the front Large numbers of peasants and other people volunteered to join transport teams. Surmounting all kinds of difficulties, they brought large quantities of material and food to the,front, and made important contributions to the struggle against U.S. aggression and for national salvation.
  The splendid victories of the Laotian patriotic armed forces and people have dealt hammer blows at U.S. imperialism and its lackeys in Laos and landed the Laotian Rightist troops in an impasse in which, more than ever, they are being mauled without hope of taking the initiative. Enemy troop morale is now extremely low. More and more Rightist troops have come to see the ugly features of U.S. imperialism and its lackeys clearly and have crossed over to the people's side to take part in the struggle against U.S. aggression and for national salvation.

Perseverance Means Victory

  Our great leader Chairman Mao teaches us: “A nation, big or small, can defeat any enemy, however powerful, so long as it fully arouses its people, firmly relies on them and wages a people's war." The magnificent victories of the Laotian patriotic armed forces and people in the last year have once again testified to this great truth pointed out by Chairman Mao.
  In the face of the successive victories of the Laotian patriotic forces and people, U.S. imperialism and its lackeys in Laos, in co-ordination with the Soviet revisionist renegade clique, are now resorting to the unscrupulous counter-revolutionary dual tactics of military threats and political deceit. While carrying out unprecedentedly barbarous bombing of the Laotian liberated areas and launching incessant "nibbling" attacks, they have gone all out to create a false impression that "peace talks*' are in the making, vainly trying to induce the patriotic armed forces and people to give up their sacred struggle against U.S. aggression and for national salvation. Despite all the difficulties and twists arid turns they may encounter in their advance to seize ail-round victory, the Laotian people, who have a glorious revolutionary tradition, are persevering in their struggle. Fearing neither difficulties nor sacrifice;;, they are fighting valiantly and are capable of overcoming all difficulties. Final victory will surely go to the heroic Laotian people.

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