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 Big Scab Liu Shao-chi's Attempt to Turn History Upside Down Is Absolutely Intolerable


by Hsu Sheng-yuan, retired veteran worker of the Anyuan Coal Mine who took part in the big 1922 Anyuan strike

Source: Peking Review, No. 47, November 22, 1968
Transcribed for www.wengewang.org

    THE Communique of the Enlarged 12th Plenary Session of the Eighth Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (see supplement to P.R. No. 44 —Ed.) has been published. This is an event in the political life of all the people of the country that calls for mighty jubilation. The communique is a great, epoch-making historic document, a verdict smashing the bourgeois headquarters represented by the renegade, traitor and scab Liu Shao-chi, and a telling blow against the imperialists headed by U.S. imperialism, the modern revisionists headed by the Soviet revisionist renegade clique, and other reactionaries at home and abroad. The communique expresses in concentrated form our most fundamental working-class interests and we veteran workers of Anyuan wholeheartedly support it and will firmly implement it. The Plenary Session resolved to expel the renegade, traitor and scab Liu Shao-chi from the Party once and for all, to dismiss him from all posts both inside and outside the Party and continue to settle accounts with him and his accomplices for their crimes in betraying the Party and the country. This is a resolution that gives great satisfaction to all the people. It reflects the wishes of the veteran Anyuan workers.
   In the evil old society, we coal miners toiled 14 hours a day under bad conditions, using heavy, primitive tools. Floods and gas explosions caused frequent accidents and every such disaster took dozens of lives.
   It was in those days of untold suffering that Chairman Mao, the great leader of our working class, came to Anyuan in the autumn of 1921. From that time on, we had our saviour and our hope. As soon as he arrived in Anyuan, Chairman Mao visited our mat-shelter homes and went down the pits. He told the workers: You suffer the worst oppression in the world.   You should no longer put up with such harsh exploitation and oppression. You must rise and struggle! He walked all over Anyuan Mountain and wherever he went, he explained the meaning of revolution to the workers.
   As a result of Chairman Mao's teachings, the workers at Anyuan greatly enhanced their class consciousness. This prepared ideologically and organizationally for the big Anyuan strike in 1922 which shook the world.
   Chairman Mao came to Anyuan eight times and personally led us in making revolution. This is an indisputable historical fact
   But the big scab Liu Shao-chi tampered with the history of the struggle of the Anyuan workers. Crediting all the achievements to himself, Liu Shao-chi described himself as the leader of the Anyuan workers' movement in order to deceive the Chinese people and the people of the whole world.
   The renegade Liu Shao-chi came to Anyuan on September 11, 1922, two days before the strike began. By that time Chairman Mao had arranged all the preparatory work for the strike. After arriving, Liu Shao-chi opposed, suppressed and betrayed our workers' movement. He frantically opposed the arrangements for the strike which Chairman Mao had made and Chairman Mao's revolutionary line, suppressed and forbade us workers to strike. When, anyway, we went on strike, he entered into negotiations with the capitalists. He said that the "time is not yet ripe for a strike" and "we are not certain of victory," and called the strike "adventurism." At this critical moment, Chairman Mao sent a letter from Changsha, calling on us to unite and persist in the strike. Following Chairman Mao's instructions, the more than 17,000 railway and coalmine workers pushed Liu Shao-chi aside and announced a general strike of the whole coalfield at 24:00 on September 13, 1922. The capitalists colluded with the reactionary government and they sent in large numbers of troops and police in an attempt to suppress us workers. But with Chairman Mao at the helm, we were afraid of nothing. Liu Shao-chi, however, was scared out of his wits and did all he could to persuade the workers to stage a "civilized strike." He also asked the capitalists to negotiate. But, when the capitalists threatened to have him arrested and beheaded, he immediately pleaded: "I am not a worker. I have come to mediate. . . ." What a "leader" of the workers' movement! He proved to be an arch renegade and scab of the workers' movement.
   We followed Chairman Mao's teachings. Several thousand workers charged forward and encircled the capitalists and the reactionary troops. We also besieged the boiler house, occupied the pits and brought out explosive charges. Recognizing how critical the situation was, the reactionary authorities were compelled to accept our workers' terms. Led personally by Chairman Mao, the big Anyuan strike achieved a brilliant victory.
   The above facts show clearly that Liu Shao-chi is an out-and-out big renegade selling out the interests of the working class, an executioner suppressing the workers' movement, a big traitor who wormed his way into the working-class ranks. He is a mortal enemy of our working class.

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 徐胜远  (口述)








我们遵照毛主席的教导,几千名工人冲上去,把资本家和反动派的军队包围起来,还包围了锅炉房,占领了矿井。同时,还把炸药搬了出来,我们工人齐声喊道:“ 如果不答应我们的条件,就杀他个鸡犬不留,打他个片瓦不存,让你们这些乌龟王八蛋知道我们工人的厉害!”反动当局见势不妙,不得不答应我们工人提出的条件。这次震撼世界的安源大罢工,在伟大领袖毛主席亲自领导下,取得了辉煌胜利。



1968-11-09 《人民日报》

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