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 Soviet Revisionist Renegades' "Communist Christianity"

Soviet Revisionist Renegades' "Communist Christianity" Shows How Degenerate They Have Become

Source: Peking Review, No. 34 , August 22, 1969

  by Yu Fen

   Under the "auspices" of the Soviet revisionist chieftains, a minor but
   hideous farce was acted out not so long ago on the outskirts of
   Moscow. From different parts of the Soviet Union, patriarchs and
   priests, monks and imams, and other religious chiefs, numbering more
   than a hundred in all, gathered for a conference. They made a big
   noise, discussing what they called "essential problems of our epoch."
   One Soviet revisionist renegade clique bigwig sent this clutter of
   churchmen a personal message wishing them success in their show and
   bidding them "to make contributions to this noble cause of the
   consolidation of universal peace."
   This step by that handful of Soviet revisionist renegades, Brezhnev &
   Co., who are bent on putting religion and superstition back into
   circulation in the Soviet Union, is an extremely reactionary one. It
   is an attempt to fool the Soviet people and people the world over and,
   by using the robes of these patriarchs and priests, to cover up the
   crimes they have committed at home and abroad.
   Revisionists of all breeds and brands were denounced by the great
   Lenin as hens among dung heaps in the backyard of the working-class
   movement. They peck away at anything, even the filthiest, so long as
   it keeps them going. Torn by troubles at home and abroad the Soviet
   revisionist renegade clique has long regarded the reactionary
   religious forces as a talisman by which it carries out
   counter-revolutionary revisionist domestic and foreign policies. For
   years it has been playing the disgusting role of a sycophant of the
   Vatican, bulwark of the most reactionary religious forces in the
   world, and sucking up to the Pope, a loyal defender of capitalism. The
   notorious Khruschov brazenly presented the Pope as a 'great man
   devoted to world peace.' Following in Khruschov's footsteps, a
   neo-Soviet revisionist chieftain in his capacity as head of state went
   on a 'pilgrimage' to Rome and sought an audience with Pope Paul the
   Sixth. At home, the revisionist renegade clique in the Kremlin takes
   great pains to speak up for the religious forces. Religion is an
   opiate. Yet without any hesitation, this clique turns out reactionary
   religious propaganda through its press and news agencies. It
   shamelessly trumpets religion as being "beneficial," and hollers for
   restoring religious education in the schools. Religious forces in the
   Soviet Union have become increasingly rampant and all-pervasive.
   Religious rites have increased by three or fourfold in the last tens
   years. More and more churches and parishes have come into existence.
   Religious followers now number dozens of millions. In addition, quite
   a number of seminaries have been set up to train "successors" to the
   After having recently cooked up what it calls "communist
   Christianity," which is a reactionary fallacy, the Soviet revisionist
   renegade clique published a spate of press articles advertising the
   "evolution of the modern Russian Orthodox Church." In the fifth issue
   of the journal Science Religion, a hired "candidate doctor of
   philosophy" went to the length of preaching like a priest that the
   Russian Orthodox Church is an "instrument for transforming social
   relations." "Christianity," he said, "is harmonious, fitting and in
   coordination with the process of transforming social relations on
   socialist and communist principles. Christianity has developed into
   'communist Christianity.'" Like revisionism, the sham Marxism-Leninism
   mouthed by the Soviet revisionists, this "communist Christianity" is
   said to be most enthusiastically "calling on the believers to take
   part in the struggle for socialism and socialist construction."
   Brezhnev & Co. can now very conveniently find in "communist
   Christianity" a blueprint for "building communism," and even toss
   their Marxist-Leninist garb to the winds because, it is said, "in the
   Russian Orthodox Church the building of the kingdom of Christ on earth
   is more and more associated with communist transformation of the
   world." Amid such loud braying for "communist Christianity," leading
   church figures in some areas have openly called meetings in public
   places, conducted propaganda among the inhabitants and "recruited
   supporters." What a miasma!
   Can anyone find anything more degenerate than this!
   By putting the label of "communism" on Christianity, the Soviet
   revisionist renegades smugly calculate that they can deceive the
   people at home and the revolutionary people of the world and provide
   themselves with a figleaf to cover up their use of the church to push
   capitalist restoration in all spheres of endeavor and their
   social-imperialist policies. In fact, this precisely reveals that
   their so-called "building of communism" is of a piece with the
   "building of the kingdom of Christ." In using religion, they are
   taking the idealist and most reactionary stand of the big landlords
   and big bourgeoisie, and their programme is the same as their
   deceitful "communist Christianity" propaganda.
   The proletariat is determined to completely overthrow the bourgeoisie
   and all other exploiting classes, establish the dictatorship of the
   proletariat in place of the dictatorship of the bourgeoisie, and
   defeat capitalism by socialism and eventually realize communism. BOLD
   "Religion is opium for the people." END It is a spiritual weapon of
   the exploiting classes for oppressing, enslaving and exploiting the
   labouring people; it manacles the oppressed classes and prevents them
   from rebelling against their oppressors. Scientific communism is the
   antithesis of religion. Like fire and water, the struggle for the
   realization of the ideal of communism in the whole world is
   incompatible with "the building of the kingdom of Christ on earth."
   The Manifesto of the Communist Party solemnly declares: The communist
   revolution's "development involves the most radical rupture with
   traditional ideas." Since the great theory of scientific communism
   came into being, it has been fiercely resisted by the reactionary
   religious forces, with the Pope as their champion. Lenin pointed out:
   "We must combat religion -- that is the ABC of all materialism, and
   consequently of Marxism." The Party and Soviet state led by Lenin and
   Stalin waged a resolute struggle against all reactionary religious
   forces. Now, this gang of Soviet revisionist renegades claiming to be
   loyal to Lenin's behest has shamelessly alleged that Christianity and
   communism are "harmonious, fitting and in co-ordination" with each
   other. It has combined communism and Christianity into one, flying the
   sinister flag of "communist Christianity." This shows to what
   despicable depths they have sunk. Those in the upper echelons of the
   Soviet revisionist renegade clique want to be Christian "bishops" so
   as to dope and hoodwink the Soviet people and the people of the world!
   But at the same time they want to garland themselves with "communism"
   to hide their own treachery. Don't they find this double feature far
   too clumsy and preposterous?
   Reactionary forces and revisionists of all hues and shades have tried
   in vain to "incorporate" communism with religion since the advent of
   Marxism. This trick was used by the "god-building" school that Lenin
   denounced. The so-called "evolution" and "socialization" of religion
   in the Soviet Union, as well as the "association" of "kingdom of
   Christ" with communism, and so forth -- all this is unadulterated
   religious eyewash. Many prevailing theologians who are today busy with
   "reforms" are racking their brains searching through theological
   theory for a "more effective form of expression" of Christianity. They
   oppose what they called the "flagrant infringement of atheistic
   materialism and communism upon human dignity." They wildly clamour for
   "extending the kingdom of Christ to the furthermost limits of the
   earth" and "propagating the gospel" among the proletariat. But all
   their charlatanism cannot be compared with the Soviet revisionist
   renegade clique's trickery. The Kremlin renegades have come out as
   "communist" theologians to prove that in their sham communism the
   ideals of Christianity have been translated into reality. Why do the
   Soviet hierarchs now consider it possible to energetically support the
   political and philosophical propositions of the Soviet revisionist
   renegade clique? They themselves have put their finger on the matter.
   They support the political "principles" of the Soviet revisionist
   renegade clique because, they say, "these principles are in accord
   with the needs of Christianity." It was nobody but Khruschov, Brezhnev
   and their kind, who after coming to power, have converted the
   bourgeoisie's "hope of restoration" into " attempts at restoration."
   They usurped the leadership of the Party of Lenin and Stalin and
   turned the world's first state under the dictatorship of the
   proletariat into a dark fascist state under the dictatorship of the
   bourgeoisie. The reactionary religious bosses have found such a
   "process" of capitalist restoration very "harmonious, fitting and in
   co-ordination" with their desires. That is why they have applauded it
   and are willingly working for the Soviet revisionist renegade clique.
   In playing up "communist Christianity," the Soviet revisionist
   renegade clique extols religion as an "instrument for transforming
   social relations." Such a shameless utterance can only expose still
   more clearly the hideous features of these revisionist renegades who
   are making the most of the reactionary religious forces to quicken the
   pace of full-scale capitalist restoration in the Soviet Union.
   Religion has always been a tool in the hands of the exploiting classes
   to dominate, enslave and poison the minds of the labouring people. The
   great teacher of the proletariat Karl Marx said: "The social
   principles of Christianity had justified ancient slavery, extolled
   medieval serfdom and, when necessary, will also defend, although with
   a look of pity, the oppression of the proletariat." Therefore,
   religion has always been supported and used by the reactionary ruling
   classes: by the slave-owners of slave society, by the landlords of
   feudal society and by the capitalists of capitalist society. The
   Soviet people will never forget how the old tsars always used the
   Russian Orthodox Church as an instrument for maintaining their
   sanguinary rule in their feudal empire. After the founding of Soviet
   power, the overthrown reactionary ruling classes, in a bid to seize
   back their lost paradise, organized an anti-Soviet "crusade" to
   subvert the first socialist state with the help of the reactionary
   religious forces and in co-ordination with international imperialism.
   Still less will the Chinese people forget how the imperialists used
   religion for cultural aggression and, in its wake, military and
   political aggression against our country, and turned China into a
   semi-colonial and semi-feudal country. At the time of the founding of
   the great People's Republic of China, the imperialists again used
   reactionary religious forces to poison the minds of some backward
   people. These forces also served as cat's-paws in their attempt to
   subvert and undermine our country. Used by a handful of counter-
   revolutionaries, religion, whether in Catholic or Protestant garb, has
   always been an anti-communist, anti- people imperialist task force and
   an imperialists instrument of aggression. That the Soviet revisionist
   renegade clique now employs the Russian Orthodox Church to "transform
   social relations" is not very original. This is merely a mantle
   inherited from the old tsars, and a leaf taken from the stinking book
   of U.S. imperialism.
   While working out its reactionary theory of "communist Christianity,"
   the Soviet revisionist renegade clique, which is capable of anything
   foul and base openly applauded the Russian Orthodox Church
   ecclesiastics in the press for following the Kremlin's "international
   policy" and supporting its "efforts in ensuring international
   security." This is an unsolicited confession which gives away its
   counter- revolutionary aim of using the reactionary religious forces
   to push its social-imperialist policies. at present, the Soviet
   revisionist renegade clique is stepping up collusion with U.S.
   imperialism, intensifying suppression of the revolutionary struggle of
   the people of different countries and strengthening control over and
   exploitation of some East European countries and the People's Republic
   of Mongolia. These criminal activities are proof that the Soviet
   revisionist renegade clique's "international policy" is an imperialist
   policy of collecting all reactionary riffraff to carry out expansion
   Even while continually intruding into Chinese territory and air space
   and shooting down unarmed Chinese fishermen and herdsmen, the Kremlin
   clique has been using religion for counter-revolutionary subversive
   propaganda through its radio programmes beamed to China's Sinkiang.
   This is an attempt to drive a wedge into the unity of our motherland
   and disrupt our country's national solidarity. The old tsars [used]
   religion to carry out divisive activities in Sinkiang, and now the
   Soviet revisionist renegade clique is doing the same thing. From this,
   people throughout the world can clearly see once again that this
   handful of renegades are out-and-out social-imperialists and new
   tsars, pure and simple. We firmly warn the chieftains of the Soviet
   revisionist renegade clique: You can go on using reactionary clergymen
   to carry out counter-revolutionary activities, but you will come to no
   good end.
   Chairman Mao, the great leader of all the nationalities of our
   country, pointed out in his work On Coalition Government: "All
   religions are permitted in China' s Liberated Areas, in accordance
   with the principle of freedom of religious belief. All believers in
   Protestantism, Catholicism, Islamism, Buddhism and other faiths enjoy
   the protection of the people's government as long as they are abiding
   by its laws. Everyone is free to believe or not to believe; neither
   compulsion nor incrimination is permitted." It is our consistent
   policy to protect the freedom of religious belief and the freedom of
   not believing in any religion. Communists abide by a policy of freedom
   of religious belief; but towards religious believers, "we can never
   approve of their idealism or religious doctrines." We must criticize
   and repudiate idealist monasticism and all kinds of religious
   obscurantism. We are convinced the time will come when followers of
   religious faiths will awake and throw away their "idols." That the
   Soviet revisionist renegade clique, which has completely betrayed the
   rudimentary principles of Marxism- Leninism, should have acted
   perversely and gone so far as to rake up its reactionary "communist
   Christianity" nonsense in an effort to shore up its
   counter-revolutionary revisionist rule only shows the depths of its
   political and ideological degeneration. It is a reflection of its
   mortal fear of the doom awaiting it.
   Did the Soviet revisionist renegade clique not instruct the religious
   heirarchs it groomed to discuss so- called "essential problems of our
   epoch"? The essential problem of our epoch, as pointed out by Vice-
   Chairman Lin Piao in his political report to the Ninth National
   Congress of the Communist Party of China is: "The contradiction
   between the oppressed nations on the one hand and imperialism and
   social- imperialism on the other; the contradiction between the
   proletariat and the bourgeoisie in the capitalist and revisionist
   countries; the contradiction between imperialist and
   social-imperialist countries and among the imperialist countries; and
   the contradiction between socialist countries on the one hand and
   imperialism and social-imperialism on the other. The existence and
   development of these contradictions are bound to give rise to
   revolution." U.S. imperialism, Soviet revisionism and all reaction can
   never survive this great storm of people's revolution, nor can
   "communist Christianity" save the revisionist renegade clique in the
   Kremlin from destruction.
   Acute class differentiation and bitter class struggle are taking place
   in Soviet society. This arises from the fact that this renegade clique
   is ruthlessly carrying out the dictatorship of the bourgeoisie over
   the Soviet people and pursuing a social-imperialist policy of
   expansion abroad. The Soviet revisionist chieftains are simply
   daydreaming and wasting their time if they think the use of religious
   forces can benumb and disintegrate the revolutionary fighting will of
   the Soviet people who are rising against them. It will only promote
   their steady awakening and arouse them to greater resistance; it will
   only open the eyes of the people of the world still more to the
   degeneration and shamelessness of this gang of renegades. The
   revolutionary movement of the proletariat of the world and the people
   of all countries today is surging forward vigorously. The struggle of
   the Soviet proletariat and the broad masses of the Soviet people
   against the Soviet revisionist renegade clique is developing in depth.
   Imperialists, revisionists and reactionaries are getting closer and
   closer to their graves. As pointed out by Chairman Mao, the great
   leader of all the nationalities of our country, "Working hand in
   glove, Soviet revisionism and U.S. imperialism have done so many foul
   and evil things that the revolutionary people the world over will not
   let them go unpunished. The people of all countries are rising. A new
   historical period of struggle against U.S. imperialism and Soviet
   revisionism has begun." Invoking the reactionary religious forces to
   put up a last-ditch struggle will only bring the Soviet revisionist
   renegade clique a speedier and more ignominious defeat. This, too, is
   the will of "god." But this "god" is none other than the proletariat
   and revolutionary people of the world, the Soviet people included.

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