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 Peking Rally: Firm Support for the Vietnamese People To Completely Defeat U.S. Imperialism

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Source: Peking Review, No. 13, March 24, 1967
Transcribed for www.wengewang.org

MARCH 19 this year was the 17th anniversary of the Vietnam Day of Struggle Against U.S. Imperialism. This day 17 years ago, Saigon students and residents held a mighty anti-U.S. demonstration in a protest against U.S. imperialist provocations and finally forced an intruding U.S. destroyer to leave Saigon waters. This was the first victory of historic significance won by the Vietnamese people in their struggle against U.S. imperialist aggression and intervention.
  On this anniversary day, a Peking rally roundly denounced U.S. imperialism for its latest escalation of the war in Vietnam and for its latest "pence talks" intrigue. The rally was a gathering of proletarian revolutionaries of all circles in the capital, who are forging ahead following their victories in the current great proletarian cultural revolution, of commanders and fighters of the Chinese People's Liberation Army and friends from the five continents residing in Peking. Attended by Vice-Premier Chen Yi of the State Council and Kuo Mo-jo, a Vice-Chairman of the National People's Congress Standing Committee and Chairman of the China Peace Committee, the rally expressed its firm support for the just struggle of the Vietnamese people to resist U.S. aggression and for national salvation.
  The meeting was also attended by Nguyen Minh Phuong. Acting Head of the Permanent Mission of the South Vietnam National Front for Liberation to China; Le Chung Thuy. Charge d'Affaires ad interim of the Embassy of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam in China; and other Vietnamese comrades in Peking.
  Among the other foreign friends present were: Djawoto, Secretary-General of the Afro-Asian Journalists' Association; Frank Johnson of Australia; Mrs. Rita Smith, Rewi Alley and James Casey of New Zealand; Kinkazu Saionji of Japan; Robert Williams. Afro-American leader; Ahmed Mohamed Kheir of the Sudan; P. V. Sarma, Chief Representative of the Mission of the Malayan National Liberation League in China; Mon Kon Nanakon, Assistant Permanent Representative of the Thailand Patriotic Front; Madame Quinim Pholscna of Laos; Rashid Said Gerbou, Head of the Mission of the Palestine Liberation Organization in Peking; Sidney Rittenberg of the United States; and Willy Hariandja of Indonesia.
  The meeting began with all those present reading aloud in unison a quotation from Chairman Mao Tse-tung: "People of the world, unite and defeat the U.S. aggressors and all their running dogs! People of the world, be courageous, dare to fight, defy difficulties and advance wave upon wave. Then the whole world will belong to the people. Monsters of all kinds shall be destroyed."
  Declaring the meeting open, Liao Cheng-chih, Chairman of the Chinese Committee for Afro-Asian Solidarity, said that Peking citizens from all walks of life fully endorsed the March !> statement of the Chinese Foreign Ministry (see Peking Review, No. 11, March 10. 1967) and lent their firm support to the recent statements by the Central Committee of the South Vietnam National Front for Liberation and the Foreign Ministry of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam and to the Vietnamese people vowing to carry the struggle against U.S. aggression and for national salvation through to the end.
  Kuo Mo-jo made a long speech in which he warmly praised the valiant anti-U.S. struggle of the Vietnamese people in the last 17 years and the great victories they have scored. He also strongly condemned U.S. imperialism for recently having frenziedly expanded its war of aggression against Vietnam.
  The latest crime of U.S. imperialism in escalating the war, Kuo Mo-jo said, provided further evidence that its so-called peace talks were nothing but a smokescreen. It resorted to cheating when it found it hard to carry on the war, but would continue the fighting when cheating got nowhere. In dealing with the revolutionary people, it was the policy of U.S. imperialism to certainly wipe them out if it could and to get ready to wipe them out later if it could not do so at present. Its vain hope was first to tie northern Vietnam hand and foot by means of "peace talks" so that it could go all out to do what it liked in southern Vietnam; and once its wounds were healed, it would fiercely fall upon northern Vietnam. This scheme had become ever more apparent. By its own actions U.S. imperialism had made it clear that its aggressive nature would never change; it would never lay down the butcher's knife and become a Buddha, as a Chinese saying goes.
  Now that U.S. imperialism in southern Vietnam was at the end of its rope. Kuo Mo-jo went on, it was stepping up the bombing of the north in a vain attempt to force peace talks with the use of a few bombs. In expanding its war of aggression, U.S. imperialism could only meet with an even more powerful rebuff from the Vietnamese people and suffer still greater defeat.
  Kuo Mo-jo pointed out that Washington had all along had the close collaboration and encouragement of the Soviet revisionist leading group in its vigorous campaign of war blackmail and "peace talks" fraud. To cover up its criminal betrayal, the Soviet revisionist leading group had tried to sow discord in the relations between the Chinese and Vietnamese peoples by cooking up anti-Chinese rumours on the question of "the transit of aid supplies to Vietnam." Its sinister activities had once again fully shown it to be the No. 1 accomplice of U.S. imperialism, an arch renegade betraying the Vietnamese people and the most treacherous enemy of their cause of resisting U.S. aggression and for national salvation.
  Quoting the teaching of the Chinese people's great leader, Chairman Mao, Kuo Mo-jo said: "All reactionaries are paper tigers. In appearance, the reactionaries are terrifying, but in reality they are not so powerful. From a long-term point of view, it is not the reactionaries but the people who are really powerful." He said that U.S. imperialism in Vietnam had entered a blind alley and the Vietnamese people, as long as they pressed on by following up their victories and carried on a protracted people's war, would certainly be able to throw the U.S. aggressors out of their country and win final victory.
  Thanks to the great proletarian cultural revolution initiated and led personally by our great leader Chairman Mao. Kuo Mo-jo observed, the Chinese people had further revolutionized themselves, and become ever more militant and high-spirited, thus bringing still greater strength into play to support and aid the Vietnamese people's war of resistance against U.S. aggression and for national salvation. The Chinese people were closely following the developments of the Vietnamese situation. They had made up their minds not to flinch from maximum national sacrifices in resolutely helping the fraternal Vietnamese people defeat the U.S. aggressors completely.
  Nguyen Minh Phuong said that the people in southern Vietnam, carrying on the heroic “March 19" tradition and displaying valiant militancy, had won tremendous victories. Today, a people's war was growing with vigour there and the armed forces and civilians had taken firm hold of the initiative on the battlefield. No matter how U.S. imperialism tried to threaten and fool the people, the south Vietnamese armed forces and people, with all-out efforts and determination, would resolutely defeat it and realize their sacred aspiration to liberate the south, defend the north and reunify the fatherland.
  The victories of the Vietnamese people, Nguyen Minh Phuong added, testified to the incontrovertible truth of our time that a nation, however small and weak it may be, when it pursued a correct political line, carried on people's war, was united and resolved to fight for national independence and the reunification of the fatherland, was strong enough to smash all imperialist schemes and acts of aggression.
  He praised the Chinese people who with a high internationalist spirit and sparing no sacrifice to support the Vietnamese people's struggle against U.S. aggression and for national salvation, had given the south Vietnamese people extremely great and effective help. The Vietnamese people, he said, highly valued this most precious support.
  Le Chung Thuy in his speech vehemently denounced U.S. imperialism for its recent and still more serious moves to escalate the war and its many fresh crimes against the Vietnamese people. He declared that the people in the north fully supported and responded to the February 28, 1967 statement of the Central Committee of the South Vietnam National Front for Liberation and were resolved to fulfil under all circumstances their obligations as the rear for their kinsmen, the compatriots in the south. This, he stressed, represented the unshakable will of the 31 million countrymen of Vietnam to fight and win; such was the necessary answer to the latest war escalation by the U.S. aggressors.
  At present, Le Chung Thuy said, the Vietnamese people's war of resistance to U.S. aggression and for national salvation had entered a tense and violent stage. The whole nation, resolutely responding to President Ho Chi Minh's sacred call made on July 17. 1966 and united as one, were marching forward courageously to defend the north and liberate the south with a view to reunifying the fatherland and frustrating the aggression of U.S. imperialism, the ringleader of modern imperialism.
  The 700 million fraternal Chinese people, who are armed with Marxism-Leninism, Mao Tse-tung's thought, and who are vigorously engaged in the great proletarian cultural revolution, have all along stood at the side of the Vietnamese people, sincerely rendering both spiritual and material aid to their cause against U.S. aggression and for national salvation. The fraternal Chinese people would remain for ever the close comrades-in-arms of the Vietnamese people, Le Chung Thuy stated.
  Representatives from the Congress of Red Guards of Peking Universities and Colleges, the Chinese People’s Liberation Army, and Peking's workers and peasants also spoke. They warmly congratulated the Vietnamese people on their brilliant victories in the anti-U.S. struggle and strongly denounced U.S. imperialism for its expanded aggression against Vietnam and the Soviet revisionist leading group for acting as the accomplice of U.S. imperialism.
The representative of the Red Guards told the rally:
"Under the leadership of our supreme commander Chairman Mao, the entire body of the Chinese Red Guards fighters are determined to carry the great proletarian cultural revolution to the end. Our scaling spirit of revolutionary rebellion will smash to smithereens the conspiracy of imperialism and all reactionaries to restore capitalism in China. China's Red Guards vow to provide powerful backing for the Vietnamese people and, whenever needed by them and the moment Chairman Mao gives the word, will immediately march to the Vietnamese battlefield and fight shoulder to shoulder with the Vietnamese people to drive out the U.S. imperialists, to beat them down and trample them underfoot so that they can never, never rise again!"

The RL.A. representative said:
     "Vice-Chairman Lin Piao, close comrade-in-arms of our great leader Chairman Mao. solemnly announced some time ago: 'We have made every preparation. Not flinching from maximum national sacrifices, we are determined to give firm support to the fraternal Vietnamese people in carrying the war of resistance against U.S. aggression and for national salvation through to the end.' The Chinese P.L.A., all its commanders and fighters, have long ago made up their minds and fear no sacrifice. Whenever the interests of the Vietnamese and Chinese people call for it, and on the order of Chairman Mao, our great leader, we will instantly go into action and fight shoulder to shoulder with the fraternal Vietnamese people to defeat the U.S. aggressors completely."

The workers' representative said:
"The Chinese workers who are loyal to proletarian internationalism, have always regarded the struggle of the Vietnamese people as their own struggle and have consistently supported in various ways and with concrete action their Vietnamese brothers. Right now, Chinese workers are enthusiastically responding to Chairman Mao's call to 'take firm hold of the revolution and promote production'; with the revolution in command of production, they are carrying the proletarian cultural revolution through to the end, thus carrying industrial production forward with giant strides. This will greatly increase our strength to support Vietnam against U.S. aggression. The Chinese workers, armed with Mao Tse-tung's thought, will always give powerful backing to the Vietnamese people."

The representative of the peasants said:
  "We are commune members armed with Mao Tse-tung's thought. We will for ever stand at the side of the heroic Vietnamese people. We resolutely respond to the great call of Chairman Mao 'to take firm hold of the revolution and promote production.' We have mobilized all forces to create an upsurge in spring ploughing. We are determined to work hard for higher crop yields so as to support the Vietnamese people in carrying on their struggle against U.S. aggression and for national salvation until final victory."
  A message of support for the Vietnamese people's struggle was read at the rally.
  On the same day, Renmin Ribao published an editorial saluting the heroic, fighting Vietnamese people.

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